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Speech Recognition Enables Convenient Business Connection Service

VoiceTarget, Inc. will provide a Business Connection Service for the Greater Houston area through its Voice Portal 713HOUSTON. Callers will be instantly connected at no charge from any telephone directly to businesses via Voice Keywords, similar to the shortcut Keywords now used on the Internet. The company will license hundreds of Voice Keywords to local businesses, national companies and third party Voice Service Providers.

Voice Keywords create a convenient telephone connection between buyer and seller that eliminates the difficulty in recalling advertised telephone numbers. Voice Keywords such as WRECKER, PIZZA, PLUMBER, TAXI, FREE CHECKING, TOYOTA, etc. provide an instant connection in situations where a speedy response is expected.

Example (:10 second)
"In trouble with your honey? Need flowers fast? Dial 713HOUSTON, say Keyword: FLOWERS. Your call will be instantly connected."

Additionally, Voice Keywords can be utilized as a Portal to sophisticated voice applications to support Caller surveys, after hour intelligent call processing, interactive promotions and database integration.

For More Information Contact:
Jim Wiseheart, President
Voice: 713-625-4000 x1001
Email: jimw@voicetarget.com