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713HOUSTON - History

Houston-based CCS entered the audio-text industry in 1986 and were pioneers in the field. Historically, CCS has operated a nationwide 800/900 Service Bureau as well as local information gateway systems (Voice Portals). CCS has developed interactive applications for radio stations, newspapers, television stations, cable companies, long distance carriers, hospitals, and non-profit and charity organizations. Major accounts have included United Airlines, Compaq, and the Better Business Bureau. CCS has specialized in custom software design and audio production through which it has offered customers the ability to develop and deploy customized audio-text programs to fit business or personal objectives from the simplest of call-in information messages, to automated on-line commerce, to caller-interactive adventure games. Over the years, CCS has been actively involved with a wide variety of sponsor-paid services, caller-paid services, database marketing, interactive fax systems, automated telephone surveys, and prepaid calling cards. CCS has produced several award-winning programs for clients and has earned the industry's top honor, the Golden Phone Award.

CCS launched the original 713HOUSTON touch-tone based voice portal in August 1988. It is an automated telephone gateway system that delivers, captures, and manages information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The original 713HOUSTON Voice Portal has been the home of both caller-paid and sponsor-paid programming. Basic services are free and can be accessed without a toll charge within the local calling area. A touch-tone telephone is needed to access the on-line content. In 1989, CCS joined forces with the Houston Post, who sponsored the Portal service for three years from November 1989 to November 1992. In 1993, the Houston Chronicle teamed up with CCS and sponsored the service through 1995. During the time the Portal was sponsored by these large, local newspapers 713HOUSTON enjoyed over 1,500,000 accesses a month. 713HOUSTON has been promoted over the years through media partners in the Houston area including network TV, cable, radio, outdoor, daily newspapers, direct mail and print. Management estimates that the 713HOUSTON Voice Portal has benefited from over $30 million in promotional value and advertising from these media partner relationships.

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